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Buying or Selling a home is a very big deal and you want someone on your side that takes that responsibility to heart. Additionally, you want to have someone on your team that is seasoned in dealing with real estate transactions, but why stop there? You also want someone who is widely educated in a variety of areas. 

My background gives you all of that. I have a Bachelor or Arts degree in International Relations, a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Marketing, in addition to my Real Estate license. I am a Certified International Property Specialist and a member of the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing. Additionally, I am a Director for the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, Westside Division and on the event planning committee for the Asian Real Estate Association of the Americas.

I am continuously learning new techniques to reach the target markets of my sellers' listings. At the same time, creating the necessary connections to help my Buyers be successful in this ever competitive market. 

The future of real estate is video marketing. I have recently taken a UBC video editing program and customize each of my listings videos to tell the story of the home for the seller. I find this a very effective marketing tool that puts more money in my sellers pockets.

I love walking around downtown Vancouver and quizzing myself on the different buildings. I strive on knowing when each building was built, who built it, how well is it run, are there any major issues that are going on in it that would make it a poor investment. Furthermore, looking at the buildings that are either under construction or will be soon. Knowing this before even looking at homes with my clients makes it much easier to find that perfect place to live that is also a sound investment for the future. If I would not buy the home myself, I will not let you buy it. 

If I am not walking downtown and looking at the ever changing skyline, I am in the residential neighborhoods of Point Grey, Shaughnessy and Kitslano, to name a few. Knowing the different architects, builders and home styles is very important. When either purchasing or selling, knowing exactly what the zoning allows for is also key. Is the home pre-1940 built? If so, does if have a character or heritage status? The answer to this question may greatly affect the homes value.

Whether I am helping a buyer or a seller I want to know everything that is going on in a building or neighborhood. In addition to knowing the home and the building, I will help you stage your home, have professional photos taken, create custom video walk throughs, host open houses, be present for all showings, and mass market the property in a variety of avenues - online and offline.

My past experience at CD Wilson Law Corporation, specializing in wet building syndrome and strata bylaws, has given me incredible insight into the legalities associated with buying and selling real estate. I intimately knows the consequences of a poor investment and have acute awareness to the management of strata buildings.

Purchasing real estate, whether for personal use, or as a safe and secure investment, making sure the property you buy is a sound, solid investment is key. I will walk you through the steps, from negotiating the best price and following up with your due diligence to have confidence in your decisions.

My native language is English, however I am fluent in Spanish, have an understanding in French and I am currently learning Mandarin.
Leslie McDonnell
Leslie McDonnell

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